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Call for Focus Symposium


Symposia play a crucial role in developing the PT direction by focusing on timely, relevant research across the field. The following guidelines have been established by the Program Committee to clarify the procedures for symposium proposals.
Areas addressed include:
  • Symposia 
  • Topic
  • Participants
  • Funding
  • Important date
  • How to Present
  • Selection Process
Each symposium contains two to three speakers and at least one speaker from AWP region. Each session will last forty-five minutes which can be an interactive discussion with the audience. The Scientific Committee (SC) will examine the panel of proposed presenters to ensure adherence to the specific format.
Symposia must be related to the conference theme, as the followings. For content, successful topics summarize advances or present conflicting views in rapidly developing areas and communicate an overall view to the membership. Finally, proposals that touch on global issues in physical therapy and rehabilitation science will be of particular interest to the SC for the meeting.
Proposals are invited in the following categories:
Health- Physical activity and exercise
 - Ergonomic and environmental design
Longevity- Innovative rehabilitation
 - Pain management
 - Health promotion and prevention
 - Palliative care
 - Non-communicable diseases (NCD)
 - Fall prevention
 - Community
Sustainability- 21th century skills for Physical Therapy education

- Transformative education



The proposer must be prepared to provide a conflict of interest (COI) disclosure for each speaker. A relevant COI is a financial relationship to a product or device from a commercial interest associated with the topic on which one is speaking. A commercial interest is defined as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients. Relationships with governmental agencies (e.g., NIH), nonprofits or universities do not have to be disclosed. 
During the submission and review process, the proposer will be the primary contact. After acceptance into the meeting program, the proposer is responsible for relaying any and all important information to and from the other speakers.
There will be no funding for symposia proposers and speakers. The WCPT, AWP or PTAT will not cover complimentary registration. All speakers must register to the WCPT-AWP & PTAT 2017 Congress. 
Important date
Call for symposia will start from May, 2016 to 15 November 2016. The SC makes the final selection on 15. February 2017
Proposal Requirements
Your proposal should be firm before submitting, meaning that the agreement of the speakers has already been obtained. The site will direct you to provide the following (all character limits include spaces) 
  • Titles of the overall symposium and the individual presentations 
  • Contact information (institutions, emails, addresses and COI disclosures for the speakers
  • Short description of the symposium for use in the meeting Program and WCPT - AWP -PTAT 2017 Meeting Planner (250 words)
  • The overall objectives for the symposium (50 words)
  • Target audience (20 words)
  • Relevance to physical therapy globally (100 words) 
  • The SEPARATE abstract for each speaker (according to abstract format)
  • One recent citation of a published work for each speaker 
  • Preference will be given to symposia submitted by researchers from different universities, rather than to groups of researchers from the same institute or research group
Complete each section within the word limits. Keep to the guidelines indicated in Topic section. 
Selection Process  
The final selection is made by the SC, whose primary consideration is to determine what will best serve the interests of the physical therapist and the success of the WCPT-AWP&PTAT 2017 Conference.

If you have any questions according to abstract or focus symposium submission please do not hesitate to contact us.